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About me

it's me

Hi! I'm Nakisha :) 

A digital designer, born and raised in North West London.

I'm passionate about designing aesthetically pleasing and pragmatic experiences.


My favourite aspect is analysing data and then translating it into beneficial designs.


 I'm enthusiastic about bringing accessibility to the digital world by making

inclusive products for a larger, more diverse user base. 

I believe good design should be effortless, visually pleasing and solve problems.


When im not

.. i might be painting.
(See appendix 1 & 2)

... or playing Mario Kart 8 and the Sims 4. 

Appendix 2


... I could also be writing. I'm (slowly) writing a young adult novel called The BookKeepers.


Appendix 1

... but im definitely chasing the feeling of nostalgia.
Whether im writing, designing or painting I have some sort of 90's cartoon on in the background.

Hence the Rugrats theme throughout.

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