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About Me

Hi! I'm Nakisha :) 

A digital designer, born and raised in North West London. I'm passionate about designing aesthetically pleasing and pragmatic experiences.


I love to analyse data and translate it into beneficial designs. I'm enthusiastic about bringing accessibility to the digital world by making inclusive products for a larger, more diverse user base. 

I believe good design should be effortless, visually pleasing and solve problems.

When im not indulging in UX design ...

.. i might be painting.(See appendix 1 & 2)

... or playing Mario Kart 8
 or the Sims 4. 

... I could also be writing
. I'm (slowly) writing a young adult novel called The BookKeepers. (a working title)

... but im definitely chasing the feeling of nostalgia.Whether im writing, designing or painting I have some sort of 90's cartoon on in the background.

appendix 1


appendix 2

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