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"Why is Shein so hard to navigate?"

What is SHEIN.CO.UK?
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SHEIN is an online eCommerce store founded in 2008 which has an annual revenue of a 16billion USD. The company sells womens, mens, childrens and home products.


SHEIN uses a "fast fashion" business model in which fashion trends are identified and replicated in a short space of time.  



Females aged between 12 – 21

Parents who have children under the age of 15

Project Scope:


To solve users issue by redesigning “SHEIN.CO.UK"


UX Designer, UI Designer, UX Researcher


The Double Diamond Method


3 Weeks. 

1 week research + 2 weeks of design


Figma, Canva, Freehand


3 mobile apps and desktop screens. 

The Process: The Double Diamond Method





What are all the needs of my user?

What is the problem?

How many options can I think of to solve this problem?

What is my final solution?


What are all the needs of my user?

Competitor Analysis

I began by researching SHEIN's direct and indirect competitors. I chose PRETTYLITTETHING and BOOHOO as a direct competitor, and BERSHKA as an indirect competitor.

Screenshot comparisons
Company strengths and weaknesses
Features comparison

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Competitor Analysis Findings:

I found that Shein didn't have a constant theme or colour throughout their website unlike their competitors even though they have similar target audiences.


This caused the website to feel incohesive.

SHEIN uses the most features within its homepage, which causes a cluttered look and disorganised design.

SHEIN is also ranked the lowest in comparison to its competitors on with 3.6/5 stars out of 6.544 reviews.

User Research: Questionnaires


What is the problem?

I conducted a questionnaire which had both open and closed questions, in order to collect data.

My aim was to find the users experience with other online clothing stores for comparison. As well as gain their inital thoughts with SHEIN.CO.UK.


To reduce bias, I refrained from leading questions, used neutral wording and ensured all surveys were anonymous. 

Below are findings from a few questions within my questionnaire:


Q1 :What is your first action when using an Ecommerce store?


Q6: When browsing products, what are the most important factors for you? Select 1–3 options.

Q8: If you answered yes, is there anything that frustrates you when shopping on the SHEIN.CO.UK website?


" Too many options and looks messy"

"Amount of photos per items, it's confusing"

"The constant pop-ups"

"Too many options"

- 4/8 Respondants

Q10: Is there anything you would change to improve SHEIN.COM? 

"The Layout"

"Clearer search names"

"Reduce flashiness and pop-ups"

"Mute the colours"

"The colours of the webiste"

"The order, it's messy"

- 6/8 Respondants

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  • Users percieve SHEIN as messy and confusing

  • Users believed SHEIN had too many options to browse through

  • The discount/voucher pop ups were distracting

  • Most users browse through the category tabs first

  • "Filter by" and "Product Reviews" are most important factors

User Personas

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Three personas were crafted based off common SHEIN users which I identified by the questionnaire I presented previously.


These personas, each of which embodied a typical user goal and needs, highlighted potential problem areas that allowed for improvement in user experience. 


I decided to mind map my ideas for the Shein redesign, with the help of personas and results from user research. I liked using the mind mapping method as it mimics the way our brain strings information together. 

SHEIN mindmap (1).png

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The Problem:

Users reported that the homepage of SHEIN felt like a large ad—filled with visual clutter and lacking organization.

shein homepage.png

Many discounts, all over the page

Cluttered header, with many features 

shein style.png

Visual mess, due to many colours and lack of theme

Fonts, Copy and Buttons lack brand identity

CTA at bottom of page

SHEIN's Homepage August 2022

The Goal:
 To simplify SHEIN.COM with a clean-cut redesign to improve clarity and functionality. From my research, I found that search options needed to be clearly displayed to create easy navigation.


How many options can I think of to solve this problem?


I sketched 8 different design solutions - each taking one minute to sketch. Below are the results for the homepage, category and product page. These were used for my low fidelity wireframes.

With my mid-fidelity wireframes I focused on which layout was most practical. This is the step where I chose my colour theme and icons.